For Oversea pilots

The International Drone Sports Competition will take place on October 28-29th in Yeongwol, Korea.
Like last year, it is preceded by a conference on drone sports. It will be a rare opportunity to hear global leaders talk about the development and future of drone sports.
This year the competition is composed of 3 disciplines: FPV racing, Freestyle, and Team racing. The total prize money is $50,000.

– Frame: 300mm or less
– VTX: TBS 200 Raceband,TBS Unify 5.8ghz, Immersion RC Tramp HV only
– Battery: 4s
– Lap-timing system: Video frequency system
– Your name must be printed on the bottom center of your FPV camera
– 4 quads start at the same time.
– There will be a total of 3 laps in 1 heat. (1 lap is around 500m)
– Missing a gate or pylon will result in disqualification.
– All quads must be submitted to the check-in office (designation area).
– The final decision is made by the head judge.
– Plugging in the battery during the heat without permission is prohibited (DQ).
– If pilot misses an air gate or pylon, pilot must turn back and pass the air gate or pylon.
– If there is a crash before pilot passes the first gate, the race will be restarted.
– All pilots must wear a uniform (exceptions only allowed during team races).
– Pilots who do not finish (DNF) the heat are disqualified (DQ).
To apply for Freestyle, submit an unedited, single-take video to by 6 p.m. Oct. 5th.
KDRA and the IDSC committee will review the videos and select 10 contestants to enter the competition. To be selected, you must also have applied for FPV racing.
Team Race
– 2 Pilots, 1 Pit-in crew member, 1 Team manager (optional)
– Each pilot must be qualified for the 32 tournament stage in the individual drone race to enter the team race.
– Each pilot must finish 6 laps with one battery swap in the middle (3 laps -> battery swap -> 3 laps)
– In each heat 2 pilots from a team race against 2 pilots from another team. Thus 4 quads are flying in the air.
– The team with the shorter total heat time (the sum of the individual pilots’ heat times) wins the heat.
– Only 1 pit-in crew member can change the batteries for 2 pilots in the pit-in zone.
– Pilots who do not finish (DNF) the heat are disqualified (DQ).
– Pilots who miss a designated air gate are disqualified (DQ).
– Pilots that do not finish the required number of laps are disqualified (DQ).
– Pilots must use a parallel Y XT60 connector for all pit-ins (all pit-in zones are supervised by judges)
The basic rules to be applied are provided on the KDRA website. Please read these rules carefully so you will not be at a disadvantage.
KDRA Rules

*There will be a technical meeting for overseas pilots on the evening of the 27th, the day before the competition. All overseas pilots must attend.

Application form For oversea pilots